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Meet Our Chiropractor
Dr. Robert Daniels

For around two decades, Dr. Robert Daniels of Daniels Chiropractic & Weight Loss has been helping residents of Southwestern PA and the West Virginia Northern Panhandle area with their chiropractic and weight loss needs. As a licensed chiropractor, Dr. Daniels is dedicated to treating the root of your problem, and not just the problem itself. With practices like adjustments, electric stim, ultrasound, and massage therapy, Dr. Daniels has treated countless patients in the Washington County area for issues like back and neck pain, disc problems, shoulder issues, arthritis, and more.
He has also helped his patients with weight loss through practices like ChiroThin and LipoMelt. If you have issues such as spinal pain, inflamation, or muscle spasms, or would like to begin the weight loss process with a proven specialist, call Daniels Chiropractic & Weight Loss at (724) 663-4255, or contact us online.

Licensed Chiropractor
in Southwestern PA

If you live in the Washington County, PA area, and are seeking 1-on-1 chiropractic care from an experienced chiropractor, then your best option is Daniels Chiropractic & Weight Loss in Claysville, PA. Regardless of the type of chiropractic therapy that you require, Dr. Robert Daniels can provide it to you. Dr. Daniels uses a variety of chiropractic techniques, that include manual adjustments. Washington, PA and Wheeling, WV residents choose Daniels Chiropractic & Weight Loss for their chiropractic care, and you should too!

Weight Loss for
Washington, PA & Wheeling, WV Residents

One of the other benefits of visiting our licensed chiropractor at Daniels Chiropractic & Weight Loss is the weight loss portion of our name. Dr. Robert Daniels uses proven techniques to promote weight loss, including ChiroThin and LipoMelt. When Dr. Daniels suggests ChiroThin to his patients, it is not strictly a suggestion, but a commitment. He will help you through the entire ChiroThin process, and give you consultation the whole way.
You will be amazed at how much of a change you will see in six weeks, to your weight and to your lifestyle in general. If you want to take the first step in your weight loss journey, call Daniels Chiropractic & Weight Loss today!
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